Women and Technology
MCDP understands the impacts that ICT technology can have on women/girls in regard to using the technology for commendable use for their personal progress and academic achievement and the otherwise impacts that the technology could have on these segments of the society. Hence, MCDP takes proactive move to equip school girls with required skill in the use of ICT, particularly basic computer utilization, internet browsing and confidence building in the utilization of information from social networking. Accordingly, MCDP has done the following:

  •  Providing basic computer and internet browsing skill to women/girls ;
  • Established Internet centers and photo-copier service for women for income generation through securing working space from  the government;
  • Establish  computer lab  having the  necessary facilities such as computers, furniture and internet infrastructures at high school;
  • Provision of  training for teachers to upgrade their IT  and  teaching skill as well as to  use gender sensitive teaching methodology;       
  • Developing Curricula for computer skills for computerized office management and website browsing  for women;