Source of Research and Center of Excellence
It is the conviction of MCDP that its practical experience in community center development interventions and the knowledge accumulated in its institutional memories and experienced staff be further explored, systematized and shared to the world at large. Therefore, MCDP established relationship with National and international academic institutions so that such institutions take the practical lessons of MCDP that worth sharing to scientific communities and policy makers. In this regard, it has been collaborating with higher academic institutions and practitioners. In line with this, MCDP has been doing the following:

  • Facilitates for academicians, especiallythose drawn from Addis Ababa University and Sapir College of Israel School of Social Works, to field attachment, dissertation , thesis, senior essay and action research lessons compilation and dissemination;
  • Served as source of information and knowledge for the publication of “Social Workers who changed the world” by Professor Alice from Illinoi University,Chicago USA;
  • Served as “A Case Study of Mission for Community Development Program as a Multifaceted Urban Social Development Organization in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia” for Ph.D. by Dr. Abiot Simony from Addis Ababa University;
  • Sources of Knowledge for putting Iddir/CBOs into Local Development interventions;
  • Sources of good practices and knowledge in promoting multi-facetedusage of bio-gas in urban settings;
Sources of Research and Practices for Prevention of Child Trafficking and Child Labor by several CSOs  and research consultants;