Program and Projects
The principal pillar of MCDP’s programmatic framework is topromote integrated urban and Rural Community based development with more emphasis on addressing the issues of women and children. Currently, the program comprises a number of projects, each of which is funded by different donors.

The major projects/ sub-programs under this program are:

  • Community Based Child Development Program;
  • Prevention of Unsafe Migration;
  • School  and SHG as an Approach to Address Child Vulnerability
  • Fighting Against Child Labor Exploitation
  • Children on The Move
  • Climate Change and Women
  • Women Enterprise Development
  • Saving and Credit Cooperative and IGA Promotion;
  • Early Childhood Care and Education;

In addition to this, MCDP has been implementing the following distinct Projects which are unique in nature:

  • Awarness raising on  Child Trafficking and Childr Labor through Music and Drama and Radio Listening Programs;
  • Promoting community based and comprehensive support to Orophan and Vulnereable Children (OVC)  
  • Aligning CBOs/Iddirs to Development
  • Promotion of Social Accountability