Prevention of Unsafe Migration
MCDP is cognizant of the fact that Ethiopia is one of the source and destination countries for trafficking in persons (both internally and externally), which, specifically includes forced labor and forced prostitution. It also recognizes thatthe prevailing deep rooted structural poverty and the resulting lack of economic opportunity and the gender imbalance to access to and control over resources and information are the main factors pushing unskilled migrants from rural areas to thegulf countries to seek employment and earn better living. 
Nevertheless, women and girls, from all corners of Ethiopia, who are travelling to the middle east to serve as domestic workers are not only lack information  regarding the  the country they are going to work  but  they do not have the necessary basic skills and the language of the host community. As a result, they end up suffering from physical and sexual abuses to such extent that risked their life.
 Hence in an effort to curb such problems, MCDP has secured fund from Geneva Global and the Freedom Fund to prevent Unsafe Migration. Accordingly MCDP has pursued awareness raising, economic empowerment and education to school girls, domestic worker and community’s member in its effort to prevent unsafe migration.  Accordingly MCDP does the following:
Awareness Raising:

  • Produce a Digital Green Film (Sibirat)and promoted the impacts unsafe migration to the Gulfs and Arabian;
  • Experience sharing and Learning event among Returnees between them and girls and Domestic Workers who are prone to unsafe migration
  • Produce and disseminate one working manual (Training manual on Prevention of Unsafe Migration);
  • Educating community structures  on migration through the existing MCDP Music and Drama club on prevention of unsafe migration and the necessary precautions measure if one decided to migrate;
Broadcast programs on unsafe migration through FM radio and apply social media as an outlets


Sibirat CD Cover DSC09466

Digital Green Film for Awareness.Awareness Creation by Music and Drama Clubs

Education Supports:

This education support component incorporates provision of school fee and scholastic material for creating safe and healthy environment for girls and night session student especially domestic workers who are prone to unsafe migration and vulnerable to drop out of school. This embracesinvolving the government stakeholders and the primary beneficiates in the action planning and identification of convenient time and inputs that help support the girls and the domestic workers to continue their education and sort out the option that help them work within the country and change their livelihood locally.
Provision of Economic Support:

  • Provision of training on Basic Business Skills, Entrepreneurship,  life Skill to Returnees;
  • Provision of  Seed Capital;
  • Provide vocational skill training on driving license and housekeeping and laundry services
  •  Facilitate employment opportunity for trainees
Networking and Referral linkage with likeminded organizations for reintegration and rehabilitation of returnees.