Iddir and Development
Iddir is a community based structure traditionally organized for supporting individuals for funeral ceremony in Ethiopia. The very essence of CBO’s/Iddir’s capacity development supports of MCDP is to unfold the local community potentials, and enhance the systemic, institutional and operational¬† capacities of CBOs/Iddirs in order that they address the challenges of their respective communities in a more transparent and accountable manner. In this regard, Iddirs are being used to form their own cooperatives in order to alleviate household poverty. In like manner, Iddirs have contributed for the supports of Orphan and Vulnerable Children in the community they are in. In line with this MCDP has done the following:

  • Formation of 23 Iddirs into union with legal recognition to manage the resources to support Orphan and Vulnerable Children in their community;
  • Assisting Iddirs to institutionalize their support to Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in their by-laws;
  • Constructing centers for IGA like cafeteria, shops and film room as well as provision of Mid-Bus;
  • Capacity building ¬†training to members of Iddirs on: Project Planning and Management, Community Mobilization, Financial Management & Customer Handling;
Awareness creation on issues of HIV/AIDS, Unsafe migration, Children issues so that they can cascade to their constituencies. As a result, Iddirs are supporting OVC attend their school and some are able to join university as well as secured jobs through the support they got. They also has started supporting to elders who lack back supports;