Cognizant of the fact that very few children has access to pre-school in Ethiopia, MCDP has been striving to create access to  quality Early Childhood Care and Education to children from impoverished family background. This includes integrating health, nutrition, and intellectual stimulation, providing the opportunities for exploration and active learning, as well as providing the social and emotional care and nurturing a child needs in order to realize her/his human potential and play an active role in their families and later in their communities.

MCDP also proactively acts to widen the opportunity for equal access to education opportunity for all school children and hence it provides supports to primary school students and school centers to improve the academic performance of the students in one hand and the delivery of quality education in the other. In this regard, MCDP has been doing the following:


i. Early Childhood Care

  • Construction of learning, napping, dining rooms, toilets and water distribution points;
  • Capacity Building of ECCE facilitators & management structure which helped to meet quality child education;
  • Provision of Snack service;
  • Construction of  play ground;
  • Building the Capacity of ECCE  Facilitators;
  • Promotion of School IGA for sustained income for school supports;
  • Production of Teaching Aids from local material;
  • Creating dialogue for a with government on quality of ECCE curriculum development and implementation.


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ECCE Intervention


  • Provision of Alternative Basic Education
  • Constructing  centers for teaching children age 7-15 so that they could join primary school
  • Training for Education facilitators on alternative Basic Education;
  • Scholastic material support;
  • Participate in curriculum development on alternative basic education;


  • Priamry Education
  • Renovation of existing schools and their class rooms and offices so that the school become attractive for the children to stay by creating talking class-rooms and compound;
  • Construction of  Sex separate latrines for  boys and girls;
  • Construction of napping and dining rooms for ECCE in the primary School;
  • Direct scholastic material for children and  sanitary pads support for school girls;
  • School and community Liabray establishment and equiping with the necessary furniture and reference books;
  • Capacity building for school community;
  • School club strengtehing and mini-media support.

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Community and School Libraries established by MCDP