Mission for Community Development program (MCDP) is an Ethiopian Residents Charitable Organization founded in June 1998 by volunteer Ethiopian Nationalities. MCDP has been implementing several projects that go in line with its vision and mission so as to bring a lasting change and improvement in the lives of the disadvantaged members of the community, with more emphasis on children and women, throughpursuing integrated urban and rural development programs with the active participation of the community.
MCDP sticks to the principle of community engagements and active participation of relevant stakeholders in the design and implementation of its various development projects thereby assisting its target community to become self-reliant in fighting against the multi-faceted and ingrained poverty within their households as well as their locality supporting them unfold the dimensions of  poverty through facilitating genuine dialogue and developing local level action. In this regard, MCDP uses SACCOS, Self-help group (SHG) approach, Village Saving and Lending Associaton(VSLA); Community levels Child protection committee as well as local government actors to ensure the active involvement of these actors in its program/project planning and implementation as well as for handing over of the project results to the community and government actors to sustain them.

Vision is to see an empowered and self-reliant society

Mission is to contribute towards bringing a long lasting change and improvement in the lives of members of the community with more emphasis on women and children, through integrated urban and rural development programs, with the participation of the community.  

Values /Principles:

  • Community and Child Participation: MCDP encourages children, community ,families and government stake holder to actively participate in the development intervention that affect their local development and needs;
  • Gender sensitivity: MCDP strives to ensure that gender responsive planning is pursued in the development projectsit designs and implements with particular focus in addressing both the practical and strategic needs of girls and women  and it mainstreams gender in its organizational structure;
  • Partnership and Networking: MCDP believes that strategic partnership is pivotal to its cost effectiveness and bringing synergy in its achievement manifested in changes brought about in the development of its target beneficiaries;
  • Transparency and Accountability: MCDP is accountable to donors, government , general assembly, the beneficiaries community and its networks in the implementation of its  development activities. MCDP  ensures transparency  in the way it works and utilizes its budget and implementsits planned activities;
  • Compliance with the NGO Code of Conduct: MCDP ensures that the NGO code of conducts are respected and abided by while implementing its program and promoting its organization;
  • Sensitivity to Environmental Protection: MCDP is sensitive to considering the environmental impact of its works and thrives to mitigate and protect the environmental threats in its program operational areas;
  • Sustainability: MCDP works towards ensuring continuity of development  program  through  enhanced  community involvement and sense of ownership;
  • Non-discrimination:
  • Communication and Information Sharing: We will be open to communicate and jointly work with other key stakeholders committed to promote the well-being of children andwomen;

Areas of Operational Presence:

  • Addis Ababa City Government:
          • Addis Ketemas Sub-city, Woreda 4,6, and 9,
          • Kirkos Sub-city, Woreda 4, 9 & 10,
          • Nifas Silk Lafto Sub-city, Woreda 5 & 6,
          • Arada Sub-city, Woreda 5 & 10,
          • LidetaSub-city, Woreda 5 & 7,
          • Gulele Sub-city, Woreda 1,2,3,5 & 6,
          • Bole Sub-city, Woreda 7 & 9.
  • Southern Nation Nationalities People Regional State (SNNPR):
      • Chencha and Ditta Woredas
      • Arbaminch town
  • Oromiya National Regional State:
      • Sebeta town Administration
      • WeleteArea

MCDP’s Program Framework
The principal pillar of MCDP’s programmatic frameworks is promoting integrated urban and Rural Community based development with more emphasis on addressing the needs of women and children. Accordingly, MCDP works on Early Childhood Care and Development, Girls Education, Nutrition and Sanitation, Women Empowerment (Economic and Social), Urban Agriculture, Natural Resource Management and Climate Change, Prevention of Child labor and Trafficking, Prevention of unsafe migration, Promotion of ICT for Girls Education and Women Entrepreneurship, Promotion of Self-help group (SHG) and Saving and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs).


MCDP is an active member of the following National, Regional and International networks:

National Membership

  • Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association /CCRDA: Ethical Panel Committee Members, Urban Development Forum and Youth and Children Forum
  • Consortium of the Self Help Group Approach Promoters (CoSAP), Board Member)
  • Union of Ethiopian Women Charitable Association(UEWCA), board member

Regional Membership

  • IGAD, CSO/NGO Forum Chair;
  • SIHA (Strategic Initiatives for Women Leaders in the Horn of Africa) Member;
  • G-40 (The Involvement of Women in Peace and Security) Member.
  • African Movement for Working Children and Youth( AMCWY), Observatory Status in African Union(AU).

International Membership:

Soroptimist International Club Member( Addis Ababa SoroptimistInternational Branch Club)