The governance structure of MCDP has the following three structures:

The head office consists of the Finance and Admin Department, Program Department/ Manager and Project Managers who reports to the Executive Directress.

The administration and finance department is one of the most important functions of the organization and is responsible for maintaining the day to day financial, accounting, administrative and personnel services and contributes its share for the success of the mission and objectives of the organization. The administration section is particularly responsible for the human resource in recruitment, selection and hiring capable employees and establishes and maintains pleasant organizational climate that encourages the development, retention and a high level of moral among employees. The Financial and the human resource manuals are in place and being used as guiding document with regard to policy and procedures.

The finance department is responsible for the overall financial management of the organization. The finance department is closely working with program staffs and prepares the organization’s budget and forecasts the cash flow and report back on the progress against these throughout the year for the management and donors. It covers wide range of activities from recording, summarizing, analyzing and providing financial information to assist managers in making strategic decisions. The organization underway an acceptable financial policy and procedures and uses computerized accounting system so as to manage the day to day transaction in an efficient and effective manner.

MCDP has the following policy and manuals that it abides by:

MCDP has competent and qualified staff who effectively and efficiently implements programs Moreover, it deploys volunteers drawn from the target communities as well as professionals to support the development efforts of MCDP in its operational areas.